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The Latin American contribution is growing and the business in Asia Pacific is expanding. The company has showed a high dependence on the general insurance segment of its business.

To ensure we address the skills gap, we help young people to get a foot on the insurance career ladder through our innovative apprenticeship programs. Process of consolidation and expansions into other geographies which are emerging markets can pose as an opportunity for the company to strengthen its position.

People are working longer, though the traditional career path is becoming less linear, while mobile technology and the internet have led to new ways of working, challenging employer-based benefits models.

We will enhance technical excellence and strengthen our ties to commercial customers.

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Strengths are: 1. The y-axis indicates the perceived importance to our external stakeholders, while the x-axis indicates the perceived importance internally to Zurich. A trusted brand, talented people Our brand is strong and reinforces our reputation for being able to understand the risks our customers face and to structure offerings that meet their unique needs. For Zurich, that core purpose has been evident throughout our history. We provide the equipment and the registration for the race and, in some cases, transportation and the plan of training, among other things. As a business, we need to keep in mind the impact of climate change on our risk profile. Though the management and administration of the company is mainly centralized, the company has showed local adaptation of products. Therefore, we saw the possibility of sponsoring the Barcelona Marathon as a great tool to get closer to our customers and to show our support for this city and that we will continue being present in it and that, therefore, the city is very important and its inhabitants are very important to us. We have the expertise, capability and spirit to contribute even more.

That can reassure our customers that we will be there when they need us to handle their claims, our shareholders that we are financially stable, and our colleagues that we have a well-earned positive reputation as a business and an employer.

At the operating level, Zurich will continue to reduce complexity and improve accountability.

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The gaps in governance systems of the company pose a threat. We are proud of the role we play in ensuring the sustainable future of every customer we serve, throughout the years right up to today.

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InZurich launched an evidence-based data-driven materiality assessment leveraging our internal risk expertise, deep engagement with stakeholders, and insights generated from state-of-the-art big data tools to identify and prioritize our most material ESG issues. There is likely to be an increase in competition for capital due to the Solvency II adoption.

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As an insurer we can have a positive impact by helping existing and prospective customers to better understand their exposure to climate risks. Many people have asked me this. We aim to expand customer relationships, simplify the business and significantly reduce costs. In the s we became the first European life insurer to offer free medical exams to policyholders. Our global brand and reputation help us to continue to attract the most talented people in the industry. Ongoing monitoring, measurement and adjustment Each of our top material issues will have impact targets and specific management approaches that contribute to our overall sustainability ambition. Identify key stakeholders groups to engage Zurich identified 10 key stakeholder groups to include in our data-driven materiality assessment. Farmers provides stable income. For Zurich, that core purpose has been evident throughout our history.
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