Zipcars strategic management essay

Zipcar represents a good investment because of its use of innovative and unique technology. Kent, J. Markets should have a comprehensive marketing strategy to produce better results and acquire customer loyalty. Principles of marketing.

Recommendations The marketer should trigger the need of the consumer and know the time to emphasize its product or service to consumers to survive in the market. Three alternative strategies Pricing: It is quite difficult to acquire the services of Zipcar if a person is looking to get a car for some hours only.

Zipcar advantages

Service technology - As stated, Zipcar is a company that has created an alternative solution to automobile possession for metropolitan dwellers in several cities across the U. Expanding to other segments As highlighted, Zipcar should grow into taxi business, courier business, mover business, emergency business, ambulances services or health caring services by not only offering vehicles but also its fleet yield management services to help those companies to raised supervised and streamline their operations. The factors exist in the whole economy as opposed to the economy of a specific business Kotler Carsharing and personal vehicle services: worldwide market developments and emerging trends. Positioning and Business Model Zipcar operates in a style of car posting business that means it is difficult for competition to imitate. The enemies of growth are easy and comfort. With Zipters community, Zipcar has achieved their brand recognition. With more fleets in more location, it can consider cutting down its membership payment to lure more regular membership enrolments to enjoy increased economies of size. Those clustered suburban neighbourhoods would be suitable for car sharing, especially if they have got good transit service, pedestrian-friendly roadways and local commercial centres. Kotler, Philip. Thus, the selling point of Zipcar is its flexibility and efficiency where one can pick up an automobile at any time from any available unmanned location with the automobile keys holding out in the car for the drivers to focus off over a journey. Liu, A. In other words, it was able to utilise its resources to generate sustainable income.

Liu, A. Keywords: zipcar swot, zipcar exterior environment, zipcar business model Executive Summary An analysis of the proper value of increasing Zipcar business was performed by discovering its resources and core competencies.

Byun, The Boston Globe, January 13, This is similar to Wal-Mart efficient resource chain management techniques that competitors find it difficult to intimate.

It will further spend money on improving the seo of its web portal to appeal to traditional car renters. Carsharing in a sharing economy. Additionally high cost of car possession in conjunction with high parking pressure in term of cost and space made these cities suited market for Zipcar to extend its overseas business similar to those in London.

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It is a constitutional duty of governments to draft public policies that govern commerce.

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Analysis Of Zipcar Strategy essay