Writing a budget justification for materials

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Budgeting should be based on actual experience or quotes. Fringe rates are listed at the end of the salary section. It is encouraged that the incentives be given in the form of gifts including gift cards rather than cash.

Salary above the cap is treated as cost share.

Sample budget justification narrative

Common acceptable reasonable methods of allocating common use items include proportional benefit, FTE's on each award, based on the non salary budgets in each award, number of experiments or tests. Describe the method used to estimate supply and material expenses e. The allocation method must be identified in advance of incurring the costs and documented in an easily understood way. A Budget Template has been created to assist with budget preparation. Subawards A subaward is a contract that assigns some of the obligations of an award or contract to another party. Explain the line items. Summer salary is based on the 9 month faculty base salary; one month summer salary equals one month academic salary. Explain in detail why specific supplies are needed. Fee-for-service: Justify use; show the University approved rate, or if an external vendor, their published rate. Ask for reasonable amounts. Since travel costs may change from the time you submit your proposal, request the standard rate and avoid special rates to ensure adequate coverage of your travel costs. There must be a direct benefit to the project from the cost incurred.

These individuals should be budgeted based on a percent effort if salaried. Provide detail sufficient to justify the rationale for acquiring the item under the proposed project.

The budget is reviewed by OPAS and the sponsor to verify that costs are reasonable, allowable, allocable and necessary to carry out the proposed project, and if it conforms to the sponsor's instructions.

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Including false, fictitious or fraudulent statements or claims may subject the PI to criminal, civil or administrative penalties. Other Direct Costs Explain the need for cost items included in the direct costs category and describe the method used to estimate those expenses e.

List all personnel and positions to be paid with project funds and briefly describe their role in the project.

Writing a budget justification for materials

Human Subjects Incentives Human subject incentives may be budgeted for projects conducting research with human subjects. As you develop the project, consider all areas where funding may be needed to successfully carry out the project. A thoroughly written justification that explains both the necessity and the basis for the proposed costs must accompany the budget. Reasonable Costs Per ASection C3 a cost is considered reasonable if the nature of the goods or services acquired or applied and the amount involved reflects the actions a prudent person would have taken under the circumstances at the time of the purchase. Do not list cost-shared items unless cost-sharing is mandated by the sponsor. A description of the work to be done by each individual or category of employee should be given to support the costs in the budget. Do not request general office supplies if federal allowability. Multiple year budgets should include an inflationary factor for the future periods. Explain in detail why specific supplies are needed. Also see Budget Development: Consultants. The institutional official signing the application also certifies to the accuracy and completeness to the statements contained in the proposal. Subawards A subaward is a contract that assigns some of the obligations of an award or contract to another party. The purchasing department can assist with collecting quotes. A description of the incentive and cost is required in the justification.
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Budget Justifications