Write an email to your friend about your school

I have written a long Letter already: Yet have I still more to say, which, that I may not tire you, I will leave to another Letter; which the next Post shall bring you.

Write a letter to your friend about morning assembly in your school

In our University tutors are very pleasant and understanding. Your friend. In Answer to the preceding. But Anton is doing his best to make up his weakness. Tanner, and am to go home to him in a Fortnight. From the same, acquainting her Parents with her Marriage. The chalk and the duster are in a box near the blackboard. Conversation, where it is rightly ma naged, must be so conducted, as to let each Mem ber of the Company have a Share in the Pleasure and Applause it affords: If you are Six in Number, after you have told a Story, or made any Remark which gives a general Satisfaction; you must con sider it the Right of another to call your Attention in his Turn; and, unless particularly requested, it betrays a great Weakness to follow yourself. Your speedy Answer, whether or no you are disposed to accept of my Offer, will oblige, Your humble Servant. You are going to a concert this evening with a group of friends and want to ask your English friend Pat to come too - Ask Pat to join you at the concert this evening - Explain where the concert will take place - Tell Pat what sort of music will be performed Hello Pat! The Manner of telling a Story, is also worth your Notice: You have known the Pleasure of hearing a long one well told: Mr. Does not the Merchant expect it from me, for those very Goods I send you? And can I make a Return to him, without receiving it from you?

With love Dasha. You are going to miss your English class tomorrow.

Write a letter to your friend about your school garden

Of which I will satisfy you farther, when I have the Honour to see you. Who can but love such a Family? To a Country Correspondent, modestly requesting a Balance of Accounts between them. I hope you are fine. Can you think it is possible to carry on Business after the manner you act by me? Next Sunday we will have a birthday party for him. Advice from a Father to a young Beginner, what Company to chuse, and how to behave in it. There are a lot of beautiful mountains behind the hotel. Consider only this one Thing, how long it is be fore he will be capable of entering into Business, or Reputation, as a Physician, if he ever does it at all: For who chuses to trust his Health to a raw and unexperienced young Man? It will be a Jazz concert See you tonight! General Rules for agreeable Conversation in a young Man.

I am near Thirty Years of Age; you are not more than Twenty. How about you? I make no doubt of her answering this Character.

Some English friends are going to visit your capital city and have asked you to recommend a hotel there - Say which hotel your friends should book - Explain why you are recommending the hotel - Suggest what they could do near the hotel Hello Sean, I am very happy because you and Ronan are coming to Mexico, I think that to stay in the Royal Palace Hotel is the best option, I recommend that hotel because is in the centre of the city, is quite nice and not very expensive.

write a letter to your friend telling him about your activities in the school

An Author never commits any but his best Thoughts to Paper; but what can you expect from the laughing noisy Company you keep, but frothy Prate, indigested Notions, and Thoughts so unwor thy of being remember'd, that it is the greatest Kindness to forget them.

From the Father, in Answer to the young Gen tleman.

Write a letter to your father telling him about your new school

When you leave school, you understand that the time to choose your future profession has come. Other boys envy our friendship. I must be more punctually used by you, or else must deal as little punctually with others; and what then must be the Conse quence? I was always afraid you would expect the same Indulgences you had met with at home; and as you know, that in many Instances, I have endeavoured to make any seem ing Hardship as easy to you as I could, if this causes you to be harder to be satisfied, it would be a great Trouble to me. I prefer oral exams to written ones because I can easily learn the tickets by heart and retell them. It was great to hear about your new house. You are on holiday in the mountains and have just bought this postcard to send to your friend Alex in Britain. As to the unhappy young Man who has been guilty of so fatal an Indiscretion, I wish, if the known Cle mency and Good-nature of your Master may par don this Offence, he may let his Forgiveness teach him the Ingratitude and Inhumanity of injuring a Man, who is not only the proper Guardian of his Youth, but whose Goodness deserves the best Be haviour, tho' he be generous enough to excuse the worst. Trade is so dependent a thing, you know, that it cannot be carried on without mu tual Punctuality. This year I am going to enter the department of foreign languages at the local University.

There are four very large windows on the side of the room opposite to the door. Lay in therefore by Obser vation, and a modest Silence, such a Store of Ideas, that you may at their Time of Life, make no worse Figure than they do; and endeavour to bene fit yourself rather by other Peoples Ills than your own.

When this is pro perly taken Care of, Conversation seldom fails to prove entertaining: And to the Neglect of this, are owing many of the yawning Hours spent in Companies composed of Men not incapable of be having agreeably.

If, after having diligently complied with this Request, you assure me that you are not sensible of having given Cause of Disgust on your Side, I will readily use my best Endeavours to reconcile you to your Master, or procure you another.

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