Why risk taking is part of person centred care essay

A thorough risk-assessment should be done as part of the person-centred care-plan. The values which one person feels are important in their life may not be so to another.

All are in place to ensure the well-being of all service users and staff. Whilst an individual can choose voluntarily to live with a level of risk and is entitled to do so with the law treating that person as having consented to the risk the local authority is not obliged to fund it.

What about their state of mind when I am communicating, what prejudices they might have, if I know these things before communicating, I can reduce the risk of misinterpretation.

explain the importance of an assessment being person centred

Make sure the clients are comfortable in the environment. Proportionality — this means that the time and effort spent on managing a risk should match the severity of that risk.

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A learning culture — this require a commitment to ongoing learning and the use of reflective practice for people working at the frontline.

When positive risk-taking has a negative consequence, it is necessary to identify what has gone wrong and how the assessment and management of the risk contributed to this.

How to implement a person centred approach

Outcome 4 Understand how to encourage active participation. Seeking consent is part of a respectful relationship with an individual and should usually be seen as a process, not a one-off event. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. It may be necessary for the individual to have access to further resources to enhance the plan or adaptations could be made to help the individual meet their planned outcomes. It is grounded in a social model of disability and a strengths based approach. Have integrity and honesty in your communications: If I am seen as being someone who lacks integrity, this will immediately be noticed and even more barriers will be built up between me and the listener. An example could be where the individual wants to make an independent trip in to town using public transport. Rather than the manager doing it alone, all the key people who know him best, including parents, get together and record their decisions on document.
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Understand person centred approaches Essay