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It consists on to delete or to remove a privilege and in this mode the child tries to maintain a good behavior to get a prize. Response cost interventions have been shown to be effective in reducing task- behavior and increasing work completion. Diagnosis of ADHD is a controversial issue as the validity of the condition is questioned, and the main form of intervention offered to children in the UK is Methylphenidate, better known as Ritalin, which is a psycho-stimulant.

However, the teacher has to avoid organizing the tables gathering them as a square, because they have to pay attention to teacher and not to other mates.

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The ADHD is a disorder and sometimes it is difficult to research about it because there are a lot of authors and articles talking about different concepts. In this mode she can be relaxed and without problems, ignoring them.

It is clear to all professionals who work with this disorder; only intervening in an interdisciplinary way is how you can get consistent changes. Aspects related with the academic live of children with ADHD: Children with ADHD and with the same intellectual capacity that other mates, they have more probability to fail in the school because they have more difficulties to keep concentration.

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The young turtle trusted the old turtle and all the times that she had a problem kept her head inside her shall. Methods Child with ADHD used to have problems in the school; their symptoms make hard that these children are calm in class, without annoying the other mates and they are able to finish their tasks correctly and on time E. It is preferable to use prizes before punishment. The punishment can become by the pupil to hate the class, the teacher or the other mates and also, because a punishment involves emotional instability in the future MD, One day this turtle found an old turtle that told her a secret; when she was angry with someone, she had to keep her heard inside her shall. In choosing a class, the most important is to reduce the distractions to a minimum. When the impulsive child with TDAH hits wherever he or she wants, he or she can express feelings but in a negative way, so, the consequences will be negatives. For these reasons it is important to help and support the adults that are working with these children. This technique can help children to learn to express feelings. In this project I have tried to introduce the ADHD disorder explaining a brief about the historical evolution. Moreover, the punishment should be prohibited because the child with ADHD feels that he or she cannot do the tasks like the other mates and they are punished and they become frustrated and angry, for these reasons, it is better decrease reinforcements before to punish. If children feel confidents with an appropriate level of selfefficacy and self-esteem to do a task, they are more predisposed to do another one and they get personal motivation.

Another limitation was the fact to have limited time to carry out the project. The teacher has to keep in mind that their pupil with ADHD has clear the rules of this system and also, the teacher has to focus on just two or three simple goals to achieve, not more in the same time Bans, Also, it helps them to increase his or her self-esteem.

In this section we can find the most common behavioral techniques and cognitivebehavioral intervention approaches for addressing the treatment of attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity ADHD in the school context. The other one acts mainly on the noradrenalines neurotransmitters.

From here, this paper will present the main findings regarding the social relations with the other people, especially in class, with their schoolmates and teacher and how the teachers manage to improve the educational live of these pupils.

American Psychiatric Association. Relaxation: this phase consists on to be relaxed with no body tension.

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