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Evelyn Nesbit visits the Lower East Side, where she becomes enchanted with Tateh's daughter, and soon her visits become regular.

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In a courtroom in Manhattan, Evelyn Nesbit testifies in the scandalous murder trial of her husband, Harry K. Attracted by the gorgeous sounds of Coalhouse's music, Sarah finally comes down the stairs and falls into his waiting arms.

In a rage, Coalhouse vows that, until this wrong is righted, he cannot marry.

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Upon returning to his car, Coalhouse finds it has been trashed by the firemen. Edgar takes on the task of fulfilling Coalhouse's wishes that their story be told. The little girl becomes ill, and Evelyn cares for her. He finds a wife who works, a son who seems all grown up, Sarah and the baby living in the attic, and Coalhouse at the piano. Washington leaves and Father enters the library as a hostage. Back in Harlem, Younger Brother seeks out Coalhouse but is repeatedly turned away until Coalhouse is convinced that he can be trusted. Her wedding is postponed, and when she tried to seek help, tragedy strikes.

How rude. Reading example essays works the same way! Mother's Younger Brother falls in love with the famous beauty Evelyn Nesbit, whose husband Harry Thaw has recently been charged with the murder of her ex- husband, architect Stanford White.

Based on the novel of the same name by E.

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Ragtime (Musical) Plot & Characters