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Then choose a particular business according to your convenience and the market needs. This offers many advantages such as acting as standby power and generating revenues when excess power is supplied to the grid. If each panel chosen is of 77 x 39 inches size approximately 21 sq ft then the area required to house panels would be sq ft. Even state government entities in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat cancelled the bids for projects of 1, MW, though 1, MW of that has been re-tendered, according to Mercom. Appointing Solar Panels and Power Consultant: For the installation purpose, you would need to appoint employees who are experienced in the installation of the solar panels. Developing and owning solar products: Gather a team of solar experts and build up a good business plan. Every manufacturer needs a distributor today who can proffer unique business models.

Find a good location, put together a team of experts develop a good business plan, raise the money, build your project, use your experience and complete projects without getting your hands dirty. The future of solar energy production and businesses in India seems very bright as there are already many projects which are being implemented or in the pipeline.

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The government has implemented various policies and regulation to boost the solar power generation in the country. With the lack of enough providers in this field, you can quickly grow in the market with proper service and proper marketing.

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You can recommend how people can reduce their electrical consumption. Acme was the only bidder to emerge successful.

How to start solar power plant business in india

The opportunity in this sector is dynamic and extolling. Get the required license: Every business needs a license, and this differs from state to state. This ever-declining solar power tariffs and open market has encouraged good foreign investments into the sector. Franchise: If you want to sell the solar panels only, then you can take up a franchise of the big solar panel producing companies which is available against an amount of around 1 lac in India as of now. By , there is a plan of producing 20GW of solar energy and this project started in the year with an investment of nineteen billion dollars. Developing and owning solar products: Gather a team of solar experts and build up a good business plan. Product Based Solar Business Opportunities It is one of the best opportunities for growing your business in the solar market. This will include finance division on Land. Use the social media Social media is the most viral platform where you can reach out to thousands of customers at once. So we are here to let you know the steps to start solar energy business in India.

Research the Market The first step you need to do while starting your business is to do a research work on the market conditions. The initiative has been divided into three phases.

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And after finding you competent in all aspects, your company will get registered. Become a financer: Another great option for business in solar products is setting up a financial company.

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Start Your Solar Power Business in India