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They always are in a hurry and worry. The city-life has both sides good as well as bad.

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There are many good educational aids like cultural centers, technical schools, museums, art-galleries etc. The smooth and wide metropolitan roads attract many buses and other forms of transport to them.

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A big amount as a school-donation is a criterion for the school-admission. Disadvantages of Life in a Big City Here are some of the disadvantages of life in a big city: High Cost of Living The cost of living in a big city is much higher compared to that in a village or small town.

They are growing fast. People become aggressive. Conclusion Big cities are especially good when it comes to higher studies because of the variety of courses available here.

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All discomforts and pains of city life fall to a common man's lot. People live in a concrete jungle far from nature. These cities provide a chance to grow personally and professionally. Similarly, there are better schools and colleges in big cities but the level of competition here is somehow robbing the children of their childhood. This is the reason why many students relocate to these cities to pursue higher education. For the middle classes too who can afford to rub shoulders with people in the massive transport system a big city satisfies their needs quite reasonably. They may be equipped with better medical facilities however the chances of incurring health problems in big cities are also quite high. Life in a big city may seem alluring but it comes at some price. Education system essay varna nick mara interview essay. Proposal of research papers coca cola. The poor people living below the poverty line encroach the open plots and slums grow.
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