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There are exceptions.

mla citation research paper

If you need help with in-text and parenthetical citations, CitationMachine. The Modern Language Association is responsible for creating standards and guidelines on how to properly cite sources to prevent plagiarism.

Mla works cited template

Do not use the margins or write a change below the line it affects. Another commonly used reference style is APA. Problematic for most is not the nudity of the behind, but the frontal nudity. Our site is simple and fun! Quite often, the two terms are used interchangeably. Use the following format to cite your source with multiple containers: Last name of the author, First name of the author. Most word processing programs automatically default to one inch margins.

Quite often, the two terms are used interchangeably. By Theodore Dreiser. Dates can be written in MLA in one of two ways. Title of the Textbook. Either way, whether the reference starts with the last name of the author, or a title, the entries are placed in alphabetical order.

Here are a few examples to illustrate how suffixes are structured: Cal Ripken Jr. When an author has a specific title, it should be omitted from the body of a project and also omitted from the reference list.

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MLA Works Cited: Develop an MLA Works Cited Page!