Radio in india

These factors have slowed the growth of radio. Media pundits have been chanting death knells for radio in India, but one needs to remember that radio survived the tape, CD, iPod and will be as popular in the age of music-streaming apps.

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By allowing listeners to tune-in to their favourite radio shows online, they are expanding their audience and, in the process, offering degree solutions to advertisers.

For instance, brands can opt for RJ mentions, thereby tapping into a loyal fan base. However, this has not been possible due to reluctance on the part of policymakers. Keeping in view the importance of Hindi as a the official language a three day Hindi language workshop for correspondents was conducted by the NSD, AIR.

Urdu 12 hrs. Our ecosystem is changing fast and radio has stiff competition from the new media.

Radio in india

News bulletins on the hour are being broadcast on FM Gold. Downlinks facilities are being digitised in phases. Radio through Internet Innovations related to sports commentary, interactive game-shows, hyper-local news and events, presence of an incredible array of frequencies and a sound monetisation strategy are just some of the factors that could have delayed the inevitable death of the radio by a bit. As the radio industry becomes more competitive and with communication becoming more content-centric, podcasts have emerged as the new battleground. AIR's Special Correspondents in Colombo, Kathmandu, Dhaka and Kabul provided detailed coverage to the fluid political and security related development in the neighbourhood. An interesting story on this note — at The analog equipment in many radio stations has been replaced by state-of the art digital equipment. The government should allow private news channels Yes, radio is still relevant. Punjabi 2 hrs. However, this has not been possible due to reluctance on the part of policymakers. The huge licensing fee acts as a deterrent. This could also act as a check on the current auctioning process which has led to a lot of speculation. It is a far most accepted medium outside the metros. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

Audio programmes easily surmount barriers linked to literacy — allowing even the unlettered to comprehend and absorb news and information.

This allows cheaper broadcasting in a bewildering variety of languages, dialects and creative forms. As a consequence, most of them end up playing the same music, which I think is detrimental to the medium because it is not looked upon as a serious one.

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