Productive skills writing and speaking english

British Council The representative office of the British Council is in every country. While writing and speaking are considered productive skills as opposed to listening and reading, the receptive language skillsboth require different teaching methodologies and pose different pedagogical difficulties.

I covered Receptive Skills in my previous post. Twitter messages make you formulate your thoughts very concisely, as the maximum length of the post is characters.

productive skills ppt

They have some communicative purpose. Social networks Skype, Twitter and Facebook are examples of free resources to communicate in written English as you would orally.

Of course, depending on the size of a class, this can be a daunting task, but having students self- or peer-correct can take the pressure off of a teacher, while still guaranteeing students ample practice with the written word. The main aim of the British Council is to help to share British expertise and knowledge with over countries worldwide.

It can be a fictitious or simply a record of everyday events.

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Productive skills