Political communication thesis

Political communication thesis

With the rise of the Web 2. First, habits in politics-audience interactions will be briefly commented. Excerpt out of 45 pages Details Success of political communication on social networking sites College. RQ 1 The central research question guiding this thesis deals with detecting reasons for suc- cessful political communication on SNS.

According to a blogs assessment of La- bours activities on SNS, these plans have not been implemented successfully Truby, Literature Review Political communication online - and research in this field - is facing various challenges.

importance of political communication

The contents of 21 newspapers of variegated ownership pattern involving governments, partisan and private interests are analysed and "live" illustrations of stories are given. Findings reveal that the pages are primarily populated by party followers; party preference accounts for a large share of success.

Still, there might be an interaction effect with general political engagement justified on the basis of Facebook statistics: InFacebook users liked an average of 80 pages, adding approximately three per month Facebook Inc.

The concept labelled political performance straightforwardly operationalizes involvement and identification with the particular party, which are part of the key objectives of political communication see above.

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Political communications in Nigeria.