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Medd, Nathan Charles The University of Edinburgh, Drosophila suzukii Matsamura is an invasive dipteran pest of soft fruit crops. Each PhD programme must establish which other lecturers, whatever their category as long as they are not included in the programme, are able to supervise the thesis. The data chapters should describe the experiments performed by the student. This authorisation may be withdrawn at a later date if, in the opinion of the academic tribunal, the joint supervision is not beneficial to the progress of the thesis. Sponsors and Organizing Committee Ph. Students should not be afraid to express their opinions. At the same time, each PhD programme may establish additional criteria as necessary for the PhD thesis supervisor. Ensure that the candidate understands the administrative and academic requirements for the assessment and defence of the thesis as well as the corresponding deadlines throughout the process. Selective application of such cues and live-imaging of the resulting cellular responses are challenging Even in the case of a single author paper by the student, the introduction must be modified to avoid repetition with the thesis introductory chapter, and all supplementary materials will be incorporated into the results section of the chapter as described above. A typical thesis comprises about pages.

The designation of the thesis supervisor may be modified at any time during the PhD programme: whenever there are justified reasons the supervisor may reject supervision of the thesis in which case the academic tribunal for the programme will suggest a replacement ; on petition of the PhD candidate where there are justifications for doing so the academic tribunal of the PhD programme may change the designation of the PhD supervisor.

Sign the commitment and activities document for the PhD candidate.

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Copyright and all rights therein are retained by authors or by other copyright holders. Indicate to the PhD candidate the most appropriate activities for their research when the PhD programme has been identified and sign the activities document.

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Vetter-Ceriotti, Beatrice Viviane The University of Edinburgh, In the past decade the emerging field of microbial electrochemical technologies METs has gained increased attention due to its potential for bioenergy production and bioremediation. Revise and sign the research plan for the thesis. Acknowledgements Persons, organizations, funding sources etc. A tightly controlled sequence By utilizing pollutants or waste as Many antibiotics used to treat Should clearly outline the state of knowledge in the field of research and emphasize the outstanding questions in the field, especially those that are specifically addressed by the thesis research. The dissertation must be written in English with a Danish summary and must not exceed pages including appendices. Lubega, Jibril The University of Edinburgh, S-nitrosylation, the addition of a nitric oxide moiety to a cysteine thiol to form an S-nitrosothiol SNO is emerging as a key redox-based post-translational modification in the control of plant immunity. Maximum number of theses per supervisor Each supervisor may supervise a maximum of five PhD theses simultaneously. When work by collaborators is included, those experiments done by collaborators should be clearly indicated.

Barton, Rachael Emilia The University of Edinburgh, Meiosis is a specialised form of cell division which results in the formation of haploid cells from a diploid progenitor, and thus meiosis halves the chromosome content of the parental cell.

General introduction The general introduction describes the current status of the academic field studied during the PhD in the form of a detailed overview of the existing knowledge within the field ending with the aims of the project.

Medd, Nathan Charles The University of Edinburgh, Drosophila suzukii Matsamura is an invasive dipteran pest of soft fruit crops.

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Speculation based on casual observation is permissible within a concluding chapter, so long as it is clearly stated that the argument relies on casual observation and not on real data. Front page The front page must contain the title of the dissertation and the student's name, the year of submission, departmental affiliation name of centre or department, and the university.

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Write the forms required for the annual review.

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Thesis supervision: PhD in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine