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She earned her B. Because newsprint and other types of paper often decay, microforms are used as a method of preserving content.

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Payment of the maintenance of matriculation fee and the registration and services fee entitles students to use the libraries and other research facilities, consult members of the faculty, audit courses if all coursework is completeparticipate in University activities, and use the University Health Services for emergency treatment of an injury or illness.

Melissa Melpignano obtained her Ph.

Theater and performance studies

Applicants must be presenting a paper at a scholarly or professional conference. She writes about Caribbean cultural policy, transnational modern dance labor networks, and West Indian radicalism. Students are not permitted to be nominated for more than one fellowship in a given cycle. Deadlines are strictly enforced. It is the responsibility of each student to keep track of the number of grants received through GSAS and the subsequent eligibility. Bio Lukas Brasiskis is a PhD Candidate at New York University in the Department of Cinema Studies, where he is writing a doctoral dissertation on spatial and material constituents of post-Soviet films of the s and the s. Official transcripts must show whether the credits in question have been applied to other degrees. As Eugene V. Users who wish to access NYU dissertations, especially dissertations completed since , would be best served by searching this database. She has previously taught at Colgate University and Colorado College. Departmental applications for those students not eligible for GSAS grants can be requested via email at liza. For those wishing to search BobCat for dissertations on certain subjects, perform an Advanced Search using the words "Dissertation" AND "[desired subject].

Applicants must be presenting a paper at a scholarly or professional conference. Due to University procedure, final grades are usually posted within three 3 days from the conclusion of the semester.

Transfer of Credit Since 72 cumulative points are required for the Ph.

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Registration for Maintenance of Matriculation is handled through the department during the registration period of each semester.

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GSAS Dissertation Fellowships