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Each one of them has an important role to play. Marketers have to make many decisions about products, including Brand names, trademarks, and trade names.

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Some of the firms instead of personal selling go in for vending machines, which are cheaper to install and operate and flexible in location. The places of distribution has made the products available to a lot of customers and the in turn has generated a profit for the company both in terms of customer base and the revenue. Hotels, for example, may sell their rooms directly or through travel agents, tour operators, airlines, and tourist boards. It uses direct marketing techniques to recruit and retain customers, and to extend products and services to them i. These are traditional speciality stores and deal in one product line. Ryanair operates a fleet of new Boeing aircraft with firm orders for a further 64 new aircraft before taking account of planned disposals , which will be delivered over the next 2 years. There are other income streams — or ancillary revenue. Amway has over 5, 50, active independent business owners. Promotion mix contains four elements: Advertising paid, non-personal communication through mass media , Personal selling a paid personal communication to inform and persuade customers to purchase , Sales Promotion to provide added value or incentives to consumers, wholesalers, retailers, or other organizational customers to stimulate immediate sales , and Public Relations a broad set of communication efforts to create and maintain favourable relationship between organisation and stakeholder. For personal selling the firm requires salespeople, who may be order getters persuading current and new customers to buy and order takers seeking repeat sales. Let us start the Cadbury Marketing Mix: Product: The product strategy and mix in Cadbury marketing strategy can be explained as follows: The product range of Cadbury is pretty large and they make it count.

You cannot select a preferred seat. Cadbury is a worldwide name and has made its name in almost more than countries.

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This gives an overview on the place and distribution strategy in the marketing mix of Cadbury. Pricing has to be done whenever a new product is launched, its variant is launched, a product is launched in new geographies, to counter inflationary trends, or company bids for industrial customers. To increase effectiveness of salespeople, the marketing manager decides on sales territories and sales quota. Hypermarket: These stores are spread over 2, 25, to 3, 25, square feet area and offer roughly 45, to 60, different types of low-priced products. Despite the many changes that marketing mix has gone through, from four Ps to four As or from four Ps to four Cs, the marketing mix basically consists of product mix, price mix, promotion mix and place mix. The Cadbury company has ventured into the ice-cream segment and biscuits. A promotional mix specifies how much attention to pay to each of the four subcategories, and how much money to budget for each. It is first come, first served.

News of the World, Jaguar and Kilkenny beer. To keep prices lower than supermarkets and discount stores, they provide little range of sizes and styles and services.

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This gives an overview of the place and distribution strategy in the marketing mix of Cadbury. Type of Marketing Channel: 1. All these decisions have to be made by individual marketer. Ryanair employs controversy to promote its business. Through internet marketer can sell to a geographically disperse market, target and focus on specific segments, relatively keep low costs set-up, and makes use of e-commerce technology for payment, shopping software, etc. To increase effectiveness of salespeople, the marketing manager decides on sales territories and sales quota. Second, each element of marketing mix contains countless variables. The products are available both in the urban and rural areas. Cadbury has strategically placed the price of the products so that all the targeted segments can be met.

Next decision relates to packaging. The Marketing Mix section covers 4Ps and 7Ps of more than brands in 2 categories.

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Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion (4Ps)