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They can enjoy delicious meals and yummy treats at best package for massage. Get Essay First we need to start the cleaning from top to bottom to down, He thought us what chemicals and cleaning tools do we need in cleaning.

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Also there will be weekly meetings in order to have an effective performance evaluation which will be done to evaluate the weekly activities. Alternatively, On the Job Training is an advantage for the company; the trainees are the one who helped the employees to make significant works easy. Checks the Letter of Authorization from the guest company on a daily basis. Which is not be completed for just like a certification course. We came in the office very early because we will have our orientation with our fellow trainees from MUST and Xavier University. I think it would take us more than a week to photocopy those files because I need to segregate the chosen files and find other files on the other folder. June 16, This is my last day of OJT. Lastly, the staff of Makati Prime for giving me the chance to enhance my skills in your respectful establishment, all my experiences in your good office will create a very strong foundation in my career in the near future. It is believed that learning within the borders of the school could be excellent if applied in the real world of work. Lastly, the Minergy Coal Corporation is headed by Ms. Through motivation, training and attention to the needs of the clients, employees will be given the opportunity to grow, to display initiative and become ambassadors of the organization, guarding high quality standards and guest satisfaction and to fully inculcate the my favorite, any day any stay! I can consider this day as the most tiring but the happiest as well. Ensures that message-taking activities and paging services for both hotel staff and guests are handled efficiently.

The most tiring thing I did was pulling out the selected files to be photocopied. I was glad to be able to find it before I leave. I also did the same for the DBU.

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It was my first time to go to the operations building, so I was glad to see the place and what they are doing. In fact were not yet done, we are still in the It is a one-on-one training located at the job site, where someone who knows how to do a task shows another how to perform it.

Jess he is the supervisor of the Housekeeping Department he had a strict personality. Aside from the aforementioned, controlling expenditures and obligations including operating expenses, debt, payrollreceiving and depositing all revenues, managing the investment of all monies accounting for all assets and capital project expenditures, internal and external reporting, ensure that there are adequate funds available to acquire the resources needed to help the organization achieve its objectives, establish and control profitability levels and ensure costs are controlled and ensure adequate cash flow are part of their job.

MAY 21, This day was the beginning of our task which is to photocopy the expenses and cash flows of Cabulig Hydropower plant.

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It was tiring but what makes me happy is the overtime, because we really need it to finish early our practicum. Dara, we will miss her.

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