Learning the history of music where pythogoras was called the father of music

Based on his careful observations, Pythagoras identified the physics of intervals, or distances between notes, that form the primary harmonic system which is still used today Parker,pp. The ancient sources connect him with the Orient and its wisdom.

Much discussed is the distinction made by later sources between acusmatics members who received only basic, undemonstrated tenets and mathematics truly philosophizing members.

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If we are to become like God, then according to Pythagorean philosophy the soul must become aware of its harmonic origin. Based on a written source, Aristotle sketches the philosophy of the "so-called Pythagoreans" he dealt with Pythagoras's mirabilia in the lost workswhich is a later development, maybe due to Philolaos.

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In this way, Pythagoras described the first four overtones which create the common intervals which have become the primary building blocks of musical harmony: the octavethe perfect fifththe perfect fourth and the major third The school he established at Croton in southern Italy around BCE was the nucleus of a rather bizarre Pythagorean sect.

Perhaps Aristotle originated a threefold distinction of them: what is "what is the oracle of Delphi? Pythagorean material is mainly constituted by reports whose reliability is uncertain and by apocryphal writings, which were composed beginning in the Hellenistic age and gradually increased until a remarkable amount existed.

Some of the symbols are undoubtedly related to mystery cults, including those that command silence and fasting; prescribe the practices of sacrifice, entering the temple barefoot, and wearing a linen garment; or forbid picking up food that has fallen to the earth.

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The members were divided into the "mathematikoi" or "learners" , who extended and developed the more mathematical and scientific work that Pythagoras himself began, and the "akousmatikoi" or "listeners" , who focused on the more religious and ritualistic aspects of his teachings. The Pythagorean Tetractys The holiest number of all was "tetractys" or ten, a triangular number composed of the sum of one, two, three and four. In addition, there are no extant writings from ancient Pythagoreans. Perhaps Aristotle originated a threefold distinction of them: what is "what is the oracle of Delphi? Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the Pythagorean society was something more than an ordinary political club hetairia or a philosophical group; it was rather an association whose adherents were tied to the way of life expressed by the symbols. There was always a certain amount of friction between the two groups and eventually the sect became caught up in some fierce local fighting and ultimately dispersed. This will also explain Pythagoras's image as a lawgiver and reformer, a founder of a politically oriented educational program, and a promoter of social concord and moral authority, which had a strong influence on the political life of many cities in southern Italy. Among his teachers were Pherecydes of Syros and Zaratas Zoroaster , by whom he is said to have been purified and instructed in cosmology. One of the simplest proofs comes from ancient China , and probably dates from well before Pythagoras' birth. He made stringed instruments that could be tuned so that they would consistently produce layered consonant musical intervals. Reports about dietetic instructions are also variegated and sometimes self-contradictory. Most notorious is the beans taboo vicia faba , which has been variously explained, though the main connection is, once again, with metempsychosis: beans represent the gates of Hades, and through beans souls return to earth for reincarnation. New disciples underwent a rigid process of admission with a probationary period of five years of silence before final initiation. It marked the real birth of Greek geometry, which deals with lines and planes and angles, all of which are continuous and not discrete. Academics attributed to ancient Pythagoreanism doctrines they themselves had worked out, as that of two principles one and indefinite dyad.

Either way, it has become one of the best-known of all mathematical theorems, and as many as different proofs now exist, some geometrical, some algebraic, some involving advanced differential equations, etc.

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Pythagoras: Music, Geometry and Mathematics