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She went to University of Oxford in England for higher studies. Pakistan attacked India in September The defeat of Janata and other parties in election was as sudden as was the rise of Congress surprising. She was an epitome of decisiveness, commitment, strong will and determination. Under her leadership the first nuclear tests at Pokhran took place. Later, she married a Parsi, Feroze Gandhi, in , despite opposition among conservative Hindus. Soon after their marriage, they were sent to Naini Central Jail in Allahabad from September 11, until May 13,

At last Indira was again in power in January They were happily married on 26th March, But Mahatma Gandhi wholeheartedly favoured the marriage and blessed them profusely.

She handled the war of against Pakistan and win.

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Inwhile still helping her father, Indira was elected the president of the Indian National Congress. She also served as his confidante and accompanied on his official foreign trips.

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This was her first and only time spent in prison. The Indian National Congress was well aware of the Monkey Brigade, and one of the most important actions of the Monkey Brigade was carried out by Indira herself. This tragedy and crime plunged the entire nation into a calamity of vast dimensions.

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Pakistan attacked India in September

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