How to write a novel series

How to write a book series outline

Even if you plan to write an expansive multi-book series, editing is still your best friend. Setting is more important than ever. As for their power as a marketing tool, any type of series can prove effective in encouraging readers to return for more. The first rule of writing a book series is having enough content to justify more than one book. Some writers like to color code key items to indicate the novels in which they are mentioned. Do it now and take heed! Of course an engaging storyline is vital, however readers must also care about what happens to your characters. Am I able to keep each installment relatively similar in length and time span covered? Given Martin's rather slow writing progress, all his readers would have dropped off the radar long ago if they didn't care what happened to the characters. Before you launch into a series — whether it be a duology, a trilogy or a sprawling ten-part epic — you need to seriously consider your commitment to the task. What changes and developments will each character undergo throughout the course of the series?

Whether your book series contains three manuscripts or 30, one of the best ways to stay on top of your plot structure is to create a plot outline.

It's important to focus on your characters as the connecting threads between books in a crime, mystery or contemporary fiction series. In Book Three, we read about how the hero leads his loyal subjects into war against Black Bart's armies.

Both content and organization vary from writer to writer and project to project. Instead, make notes of any problems, ideas or missing parts that occur to you and amend them when you've finished your draft and are conducting a complete edit.

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However, most books in this structure can stand on their own, with little to no need for the books to be read in chronological order. Talk about unsatisfying for the audience!

How to write a series outline

Others find themselves in the middle of one, as I did. Use key points in their personal journey and development to decide how your series will be structured. If not, you must either reconsider the characters and their arcs or consider the possibility of a standalone novel. Don't let your plot structure remain static Characters and underlying plots in a book series don't, and shouldn't, remain static; if they do, your readers will get bored and abandon the series. No reader wants to drudge through unnecessary passages just because you have the room. Does the timeline of my plot span a short or lengthy period? Pretty much any way you want. Below, Karen S. Ensuring continuity within a free-standing story is thus easy. Don't worry too much about structure or order just yet; we'll get to those below.

How many books should you divide the series into?

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