Home depot target market

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InHome Depot operated 18 mechanized distribution centers in the U. Other research shows that home-buying among millennials is finally beginning to pick up, after a delay, which will be a further boon for Home Depot.

My focusing not only on transactional data but also focus groups and in-store behavior they found that their target audience was relatively evenly split between men and women.

The mobile app also helps users quickly locate items once they are in the store, as the entire store is mapped out on the back end of the app.

Home depot target market

Employing a blue-and-white color scheme, they often feature more elaborate floor displays or themed products such as patio sets or holiday decor items. Convenience, selection and value tend to get people in, and service is what brings them back. But in an increasingly connected world, Home Depot knows the importance of omnichannel, and that nearly all of its customers — be they professionals or otherwise — are engaging with the brand online and on mobile. Thank you! Their needs require more complex services, such as the ability to have orders delivered directly to construction sites. The key to servicing this cohort, says Hofmann, is through building professional relationships and engaging them through the most appropriate channels. But even though everyone who walks through the doors is different, the overarching message is consistent throughout, and the importance of building personalized relationships remains at the heart of everything that Home Depot does.

Through a combination of smart management and a booming housing industry, shares have soared over the last five years. Please try again. As ofthe average Home Depot store has aboutsquare feet of enclosed space and about 24, square feet of outdoor space for garden products.

Because of that focus they were recently recognized by Forbes in its first ever top 50 Most Engaged Companies list. Despite their success the home improvement retail category is challenging when it comes to delivering a consistently positive customer experience: simplifying the complexity of tools, materials, and expensive projects on what is often consumers' largest lifetime investment.

The two are inherently connected, however. In March, housing inventory across the country was 4. The holy tenets of retail are convenience, selection, value and service. Finally, the hot housing market has meant that inventory is low in much of the country, meaning home owners interested in upgrading to bigger homes may have more luck simply investing in their current house.

Additionally, they leverage machine learning to understand the types of messages consumers respond to in a particular situation, allowing them to optimize their ad spend accordingly.

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Home Depot’s Target Market and Customer Base