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Telephones are silenced since communication is no longer possible in this chaotic state and playful, barking dogs become an annoyance. This poem can be found under at least four titles.

The narrator talks about how he feels after somebody important has passed. Auden first wrote it in as part of The Ascent of F6, a play that he co-wrote with Christopher Isherwood. However, I've always seen it as ironic. See Also.

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How readers bring their own value to the written word in the end, despite the author's sometimes mysterious intent. There is some confusion and much discussion on Usenet about the original title of this poem.

Only after these careful preparations have been completed can the coffin be brought out and the mourners allowed to arrive.

Still, we wonder if words just aren't quite enough. Our experienced writers have been analyzing poetry since they were college students, and they enjoy doing it. The poem first appeared in the play, The Ascent of F6.

You have his. Even art, in the form of music from a piano, cannot be appreciated. The poem is of the narrative type, as it tells the story of the death of somebody and how that has affected the speaker.

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