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They are active in politics and social work. A feministically right to use text can gain to a better covenant of the woman 's condition. For years, women around the world have been fighting for a stronger voice, and to be respected just as much as the man standing next to them.

But the average earnings of a man were up by 4. This suggests that small girl children are more neglected even at the health, nutrition and disease front.

Essay on gender equality 250 words

The job of this discussion about gender equality is to break all the boundaries and limitations set by the family, society, and the world for both men and women, to attain their goals independently. Some logically and correctly suggest that through empowerment of women gender discrimination can be reduced to a great extent. Calibuso et al. Perhaps, we can at least dream of a society in the course of future who does not treat people of different gender differently. It is important we look at rights, duties, and consequences rather than only evaluate gender discrimination based on its consequences in order to be able to create a way to virtuously handle gender. In India, UN Women works intimately with the Government of India and common society to set national benchmarks for accomplishing gender equity. It is almost like she has no voice of her own, everyone else makes a decision for her. A female child is banned by Hindu religion all the above as far as my knowledge goes. However, what if the boy is not successful at school, and he is lazy, but the girl staying at home is smarter? Violence of all kinds against women is routine and it is seen like not a serious problem. Currently, there seems to be a gap in the ratio of women to men in positions of authority. In the 21st century when I am putting my thoughts on gender discrimination I feel ashamed and a little pained. Staying the girl at home is a kind of violence against women rights.

Because of the false beliefs, superstitions and facts described in religious books women are discriminated by men; even women discriminate themselves as they go through this ordeal from the moment of birth.

Women had, since long, been viewed as the weak sex in India-which resulted in their subordination throughout the times. They have now very successful as business executives, C.

On top of all the work load and discrimination, women go through a lot of mental as well as sexual harassments at work. The informal economy has many policies they want to adapt. Due to the grant of equal right to women by our constitution women have started to come out from their cells though slowly to join various adventurous jobs in army, navy, air-force, police and defence.

Women are marginalised through cultural institutions and religious rituals. Words:Paragraphs: 9, Pages: 4 Publication date: August 17, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

All it takes is strangers coming together and supporting one another along their journeys to solve worldwide problem of gender in-equality and bring about gender equality.

essay on gender discrimination in 250 words

The encouragement of women, definitely, helped with the new innovative ideas for the implementation in various spheres of life.

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Essay on Gender Equality in India: 7 Selected Essays on Gender Equality