Darkness and night

Sceadu meant "shadow" and remained in use.

Darkness and night

Having a small light in place will help you avoid having to flood your middle-of-night environment with unwanted, sleep-disrupting brightness. An eye mask worn at night can help deepen darkness and protect against intrusive light. The stars pinning the inky tapestry of mystery always beckoned me in its silence and vastness. Throughout history, humans have gathered in the dark to marvel at the starry blanket overhead. Now imagine a cloudy winter day, when the sun is farther from you and obscured: a typical lux measurement on a day like that might be as low as 1, After light's out, your bedroom should be dark, with lux no higher than 5. In this article, we will explore the grandeur of darkness and light. True Light If the night bridges the light between two days, we can deduce the possibility that there are two different lights in our spiritual walk: one is a false light i. The cultural significance of the night in Islam differs from that in Western culture.

Even without artificial light, moonlight sometimes makes it possible to travel or work outdoors at night. Since the invention of electric light in the 19th century, the night has been getting progressively brighter, but things really took off in the s.

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During the night, in the dark, body temperature drops, metabolism slows, and the hormone melatonin rises dramatically. In the evening hours, it's important to maintain low lighting, and allow your body to undergo its natural physiological move toward sleep.

Now we know that blue, short wave-length light is captured by the newly discovered photopigment melanopsin in the retina, and that when blue light stops, we start our physiological transition to nighttime mode.

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Other kinds of light, like dimmer long wavelength yellow and red light, have very little effect on this transition. Outdoor environments are relentlessly lit, and more and more people use computer tablets and smart phones at all hours, bathing their faces in bright blue light at times of day when they should be transitioning to nighttime physiology.

On the equinoxes, daytime actually lasts almost 14 minutes longer than night does at the Equatorand even longer towards the poles.

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The Theme of Darkness in Night by Elie Wiesel