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These are questions that nearly every person has asked. The crushing shame of this perception tortures Jim, without respite. In both the Lord of the Flies, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the responsibility of the boys is to manage by themselves without any adults to take care of them.

Ideals are a troublesome burden, and each character reveals to some degree a fear that he will be confronted with a situation in which he must choose between ideals of conduct and a happy outcome.

Even more tortured is the analysis of idealism and heroism that lies at the center of Lord Jim. As he ages and gains experiences in life, he learns that the reality of life is not as morally righteous as he expected, given the focus of society on morality.

The book discusses race-related issues specific to African-American males and mass incarceration in the United States.

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He imagines the sort of person he must be and invests his actions with some sort of grandeur. The boys establish rules to keep everything on the island under control. The social conditions and legal discrimination of the Jim Crow era denied African Americans democratic rights and freedoms frequently. The enemies from without, like the enemy from within, seem to pursue Jim relentlessly. He walks on in, and then freezes, chills going down his spine, as he feels the glares of all the white folks in the store Through the eyes of the narrator, Marlowe, the reader sees Jim's internal struggle to repent for his sin as he "jumps" from job to job trying to escape his ominous legacy, eventually landing in the dangerous and isolated community in a native state, Patusan Because of my dilemmas in growth and acceptance, I became vulnerable to influence. The narrative comes to the reader primarily through Marlow, a world-weary sea captain who identifies deeply with Jim's fallibilities. In Lord of the Flies symbols are both used by the characters and stand on their own.

He walks on past a group of KKK members marching along the streets, shouting out their hate speeches while wearing their white ghost costumes. Democracy and the laws of civilization are represented through a conch shell. Eventually the boys break these rules to accommodate their own selfish wants and needs.

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