Compare and contrast mongols and viking on settled societies

huns vs mongols

Search This Blog 2 answers 2. These workers would be put to use In addition to the organized destruction of some cities, he depopulated expansive areas of land by the laborious destruction of the irrigation system, [so that the fields would revert to] grazing land, kept as reserve pastures for future campaigns.

The dry desert soils of these areas preserve bones for hundreds and sometimes thousand of years, yet none of them has yileded any trace of the millions said to have been slaughtered by the Mongols. A river of bright silk flowed out of China.

who would win vikings or mongols

Spanning Eurasia from the Pacific to the Mediterranean, it catalyzed the exchange of ideas across vast differences of history and culture, and the thesis of this book is that some of these ideas like religious freedom and technologies like printing, or gunpowder were imported into Europe and formed the basis for the Renaissance.

An enormous variety of new consumer goods, agriculture, weaponry, religion, and medical science became available in Europe. Later, more conservative scholars place the number of dead from GK's invasion of Central Asia at 15 mn within 5 years.

Compare and contrast mongols and viking on settled societies

The bubonic plague was endemic to fleas that live on marmots in the steppes of eastern central Asia, and the Mongol hordes inadvertently brought those fleas across the continent, unleashing the plague on Europe. Chapter 2: A tale of three rivers Under the kinship hierarchy, each lineage was known as a bone. In the realm of ideas, the notion of religious freedom, codification of laws, lightning mobility in war the inspiration for Nazi "blitzkrieg" , and participative government, all taken for granted today, were practiced in the Mongol Empire and may have influenced European thinking during the Renaissance that immediately followed the breakup of the empire. Vikings are Scandinavians seafaring traders, warriors and pirates who raided and colonized wide areas of Europe from the late 8th to the 11th century. A Global Perspective on the Past. The Yuan. Compared to the Jurched soldiers, the Mongols were much healthier and stronger.
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