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Nina resides with her mother and rarely socializes with others. Black Swan, Self-monitoring would help to ensure that this conditioning technique is being applied and progressing. Once Nina successfully obtains the role as the Swan Queen, she is to portray both personas of the innocent and fragile White Swan, as well as the destructive and devious Black Swan. In her opening night performance, she envisions transforming into the Black Swan and eventually dies from her wounds after a standing ovation from the audience. In the DSM-IV-TR, there are a total of nine criteria for the borderline personality disorder, of which to be characterized with this disorder you must demonstrate five characteristics. Though Nina is very talented, she is also very reserved. Most notably, the way the main character pursues power offers a variety of examples connecting with the themes of Ovid, Nietzsche, and Rilke in the form of drink, art, sexuality and finally her daily experiences.

By identifying the undesired behaviors i. When the director of the ballet company deciders to replace Beth MacIntyre for the new production, Swan Lake, Nina is the girl he picks.

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Stage one focuses on suicidal behavior and therapy-interfering behaviors. In a turn of events, it is later revealed that Lily was just another hallucination and in reality, Nina stabbed herself. These include dramatic hallucinations where Nina has sex with Lily even though Lily claimed to have left the party with another man and Lily having sex with Thomas while Nina is at dance rehearsal.

Swan Lake is a ballet play in which a princess is turned into the White Swan and can only be turned back if a man swears eternal love to her. All of these observable behaviors may help lead to the overall diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.

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She has deep scratch marks and other marring on her skin with no clear recollection of how they got there, but the film infers that they are self-inflicted. This therapy is known as the dialectical behavior therapy that places much emphasis on the interaction between patient and therapist.

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Are mental illnesses and personality disorders the same?

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