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Finally, were the names in this subject category actual proper names?

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In fact, it is probable that, apart from a simplification of the rules for heading construction, the only solution to the challenge of complexity is found in sharing as much data as possible. The paper concludes with a discussion of points needing future research and of the importance of meeting these challenges for the sake of future digitization projects. Conclusion Authority control is a part of metadata creation for local digitization projects that has received insufficient attention. For instance, in the case of the image of the Lumina Pavilion, this note field contains a citation to the history of Wrightsville Beach consulted to confirm the name of the pavilion. As noted above, this separation into two files with separate sets of rules for heading creation gives rise to much complexity in the creation of headings for named entities such as buildings and other structures, and now is the time to ask whether such complexity is worthwhile. For example, the largest category of named entities is street names. One example of a workaround addresses the functions of documenting cataloging decisions and serving as a reference tool for future cataloging.

Frequently, variant names are used for the same structure on different postcards in the collection. Nevertheless, the volume of authority work produced by such a relatively small project was significant.

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While the use made of the checklist may differ from project to project, the process of separating the images into generic subject categories and the checklist itself remain valuable tools in meeting the challenge of the high ratio of new headings to image descriptions that is typical for these types of projects.

Naturally, then, there was considerable difference in the authority files of the different libraries. Other considerations included practical concerns regarding the prohibitive amount of research involved in specific heading creation.

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Volume of Authority Work Created The large number of named entities pictured in this collection presents an additional challenge. The archival community, for example, has developed Encoded Archival Context EAC to complement the more established Encoded Archival Description EAD by housing authoritative data about the creators of archival collections separately from but linked to the descriptions of the collections.

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Authority records and files[ edit ] A customary way of enforcing authority control in a bibliographic catalog is to set up a separate index of authority records, which relates to and governs the headings used in the main catalog. The value of specific subject headings, however, is increased by their linking potential. This note is only used for citations of outside reference sources, not simply to justify the form of the name, as would be the case for MARC field The project also fits the current work trends within the cataloging department, which is spending an increasing percentage of effort on local and special collections materials. Despite generally espousing the principle of specificity, cataloging staff did not create all the specific headings possible for the postcard project. While this problem is somewhat mitigated in the case of postcards, which typically include a caption that provides some information about the focal point of the image, postcards remain much closer to contextless images than to interpretive monographs. Involving the cataloging staff in this way seemed to be natural given the expertise catalogers possess in descriptive metadata creation. Nevertheless, the volume of authority work produced by such a relatively small project was significant. By ensuring name consistency, the cataloger is creating the potential for heading links across discovery tools and setting the stage for the implementation of a federated search function that would enable users to discover traditional library materials as well as digital projects in the same search.

When catalogers come across different subjects with similar or identical headings, they can disambiguate them using authority control. If the metadata contains a specific heading, once users view an image of St. As libraries became more attuned to the needs of researchers and began interacting more with other libraries, the value of standard cataloging practices came to be recognized.

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