An introduction to the history of post franco prussian war

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But a French government enjoying its triumph overplayed its hand by demanding that Prussia guarantee the candidacy would not be renewed. In the spring of he had his chance. It was fought about six miles ten km west of Metz, Lorraine, France where on the previous day, having intercepted the French army's retreat to the west at the Battle of Mars-La-Tour, the Prussians were now closing in to complete the destruction of the French forces. After enacting reforms, the Prussian Army was composed not of regulars but conscripts and reservists. Clements was a writer of Christian stories, but in this book the Christian message is largely implicit. The Prussians reported their losses at 2, killed, 5, wounded and captured or missing. This strength would increase to , on full mobilization with the recall of reservists, with another , in the loosely organized Garde Mobile, which would require time to train. Otto von Degenfeldt, one of the German cousins, was at Sadowa in when the Prussians defeated Austria. The Prussian Guard Infantry Divisions losses were even more staggering with 8, casualties out of 18, men. He told General Abel Douay , commander of the 2nd Division, on 1 August that "The information I have received makes me suppose that the enemy has no considerable forces very near his advance posts, and has no desire to take the offensive". His sister Thekla gets her name from one of the most famous first-century saints, the first woman martyr, who according to legend came from a noble family. In addition, armed French civilians were to create a guerilla force—the so-called Francs-tireurs—for the purpose of attacking German support lines.

The loss of this territory was a source of resentment in France for years to come, and contributed to public support for World War Iin which France vowed to take back control of Alsace-Lorraine. Its central character is Cuthbert Hartington, a young Englishman who goes to Paris to learn to paint and gets caught up in the siege and the subsequent events of the Commune.

Rather than advancing in a column or line formationPrussian infantry moved in small groups that were harder to target by artillery or French defensive fire. The Military Law ofcreated by Marshal Niel and modeled after Prussian organization, increased service in the French army from seven to nine years.

An unsuccessful blockade of Wilhelmshafen and conflicting orders on whether or not to proceed to the Baltic Sea or to return to France made the French naval efforts ineffective.

Napoleon's new prime minister, Emile Ollivierdeclared that France had done all that it could humanly and honorably do to prevent the war, and that he accepted the responsibility "with a light heart".

Trapped against the Belgian frontier, the French lost 17, men and were compelled to surrender on September 2.

The 2nd Guard Infantry Brigade lost 39 officers and 1, men.

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Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. With a rubber ring seal and a smaller bullet, the Chassepot had a maximum effective range of yards m with a faster rate of fire. They and many of their subordinates had gained high reputations for bravery and leadership in the Crimean War , Franco-Austrian War and various colonial wars. To a nation with as many neighbors as Prussia, a prolonged war meant the growing risk of intervention by another power, and von Bismarck was determined to limit that risk. France was strongly opposed to any further alliance of German states, which would have significantly strengthened the Prussian military. Ringed by Fire begins with a different set of leading characters, into which are introduced, in particular, Eugen von Degenfeldt and then, towards the end, various other characters from The Castle of the White Flag. Facing annihilation, this last intact French army crossed the border and was disarmed and imprisoned by the neutral Swiss near Pontarlier February 1. The French cavalry, commanded by General Marguerite, launched three desperate attacks on the nearby village of Floing where the Prussian XI Corps was concentrated. This organization of forces was due to a lack of supplies, forcing each division to seek out basic provisions along with the representatives of the army supply arm that was supposed to aid them. The Treaty of Frankfurt, in addition to giving Germany the city of Strasbourg and the fortification at Metz, more importantly gave them possession of Alsace and the northern portion of Lorraine Moselle , both especially Alsace of which were home to a majority of ethnic Germans. The twelve Seymour cousins are, naturally, Protestants.

An international incident is what one of the parties involved wishes to define as an international incident. Essentially, leaders on both sides committed many errors, but the errors on the part of the French leadership were more grievous and contributed toward their defeat.

These new bodies of troops were to march towards Paris and attack the Germans there from various directions at the same time. Just as Bazaine and Moltke and the Chassepot rifle and the Krupp cannon were important militarily, Napoleon III and Bismarck were just as important politically, it was their actions and policy that impacted the decision making of the generals and the use of the weapons.

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One common defensive war will settle the jealousies of all our petty states, will do away with our insane dislike for everything North German or Prussian, as we call itand create that national union which till now has seemed to be an impossible dream. In October, German troops reached the outskirts of Paris, a heavily fortified city.

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