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Most Germans quietly accepted Hitler's regime, and those who did not were confronted with arrests, beatings, torture, and imprisonment. In Denmark, the king himself declared that he and the entire population would wear the yellow star, in sympathy with the Jews. Most of the people in the camp are branded as inmates by their shaven heads. Hitler's Nazi party, regarded initially by most Germans as merely a lunatic fringe, began to gain ground and support within Germany after the world's economic depression, which began in People died of starvation, slave labor, and disease. To accomplish these goals, the Nazis advocated a Germany free of Jews and other groups who endangered the destiny of the Third Reich. May 10 Books by Jews, political enemies of the Nazi state, and other "undesirables" are burned in huge rallies throughout Germany. However each pondered the workings of the brutality going on around her, and put it into words. The notebooks in which Anne had written her diary were scattered on the floor and left there when one of the Gestapo men emptied a briefcase in an attempt to find money or any other "valuables. Although D Day operations elated Anne and the others in the Annex, the war still dragged on, leaving them wondering when it would ever end. The loss of Jewish lives in the Netherlands alone illustrates the magnitude of mass murder that occurred during the Holocaust. The middle class, which had been the chief support of the German Republic, which was established after World War I, became embittered, and many Germans longed for the old autocratic kind of government that had formerly dominated the country.

He and his second wife, Elfriede Geiringer, also an Auschwitz survivor, moved to Basel, Switzerland, in Genocide: Deliberate, systematic murder of an entire political, cultural, racial, or religious group. Her gaiety had vanished, but she was still lively and sweet, and with her charm she sometimes secured things that the rest of us had long since given up hoping for.

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There were no roll calls, nothing but people as fluttery from starvation as a flock of chickens, and there was neither food nor water nor hope, for it no longer meant anything to us that the Allies had reached the Rhine. I agree with you one hundred percent Anne's personality sparkles and shines on every page of the diary — whether Anne is in the heights of ecstasy over her budding relationship with Peter Van Daan or whether she is in the depths of despair over the grim realities of her life in hiding; whether she is describing the constant irritation of being confined to the house and having to live at such close quarters with people whom she dislikes, or whether she is confessing her ambivalent feelings toward her parents and her sister.

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After gaining power, Hitler set about rearming Germany, even though this was strictly prohibited by the terms of the Treaty of Versailles.

The building was old and could easily catch fire. In the country?

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Frank prepared a refuge where his family could go into hiding, rather than submitting to arrest by the Nazis and being dispatched to concentration camps and to almost certain death.

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The Diary of Anne Frank Analysis