A summary of the book the bean trees by barbara kingsolver

Taylor returns and hears as much of the story as Edna can tell: Edna heard struggling and swung in the direction of the attacker with her cane.

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On the way back from the picnic, Estevan suddenly stops Mattie's car. But it's a novel, so you know positive movement early on ain't gonna last. During the dinner, Virgie laments the influx of immigrants in the United States, and Taylor barely contains her contempt.

A summary of the book the bean trees by barbara kingsolver

Lou Ann begins a job search, but refuses to settle for a job at a convenience store in a high-crime area. On the way, she makes two promises: to go as far west as possible until her car stops, and to choose a new name. When it was first published, however, its author was unknown. Turtle soon says her first word: bean. To mark the occasion, she changes her name, reinventing herself as Taylor Greer after stopping for gas in Taylorville, Illinois. She cannot take her eyes off of Turtle, and when Taylor asks Estevan about this, he replies that Turtle reminds her of a child that Esperanza knew in Guatemala. Hers is a story about love and friendship, abandonment and belonging, and the discovery of surprising resources in apparently empty places. Although Taylor resists the idea, Lou Ann assures her that she is doing the right thing. When Estevan comes to tell Taylor this news, he ends up divulging the story of their past.

Eventually, Taylor admits to Mattie her fear of exploding tires, and Mattie solves this problem by throwing a twenty-five pound container of water at her. Taylor decides she will transport Estevan and Esperanza to another sanctuary for illegal immigrants in Oklahoma.

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They are an incongruous family, the titular bean trees, a confusing connotation of the more widely known and beautifully named wisteria vine. She names the baby Turtle because the girl clings to things like a mud turtle. Later that night, after the kid falls asleep, Taylor makes the decision to keep her. Lou Ann demands that Taylor fight for Turtle, but she apperas ready to give up the fight. Edna had taken Turtle to the park, and there she heard a sound. Taylor must comfort Jolene, and she asks her why she married Newt. She laments the lack of compassion in the world and the evil in there, but Lou Ann reassures her that she doesn't need to feel like the Lone Ranger.

Lou Ann and Taylor realize that Turtle's name is actually April when she responds to the world, and decide that Turtle is good enough for a nickname, but she should actually be called April. The job is at Jesus Is Lord Used Tires, which is bound to be as good a marketing strategy as any, where she works for a new friend named Mattie.

Turtle soon says her first word: bean.

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The Bean Trees (Greer Family, #1) by Barbara Kingsolver