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Fitzgerald's friendship with Hemingway was quite effusive, as many of Fitzgerald's relationships would prove to be.

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It is hard to overestimate the benefit which came to Fitzgerald from his having consciously placed himself in the line of the great. In the intensity with which it is imagined and in the brilliance of its expression, it is the equal of anything Fitzgerald ever wrote, and it is typical of his luck that he died of a heart attack with his novel only half-finished.

To the world it is anomalous in America, just as in the novel it is anomalous in Gatsby, that so much raw power should be haunted by envisioned romance.

From the beginning of his career as a novelist, Fitzgerald stayed with the subjects and themes that he knew well and that were close to him: wealth, youth, and beauty.

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In Fitzgerald, this aspect is much less pronounced: the suffering is done in common with others of the same sort.

Because of the confluence of author, setting, and historical moment, This Side of Paradise will live forever.

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He worked for the Barron Collier advertising agency, living in a single room at Claremont Avenue in the Morningside Heights neighborhood on Manhattan's west side. Amory saw that the fact that he had known Jesse more than outweighed any disfavor he had created by his opinions.

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F. Scott Fitzgerald